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DRAMA Studio develops a hedonistic approach about creation that transports us into another world, believing in the significant design, a strand against the massification of banal, innocuous products. ​DRAMA presents itself as a parallel universe in which there is an utopian freedom to create and materialize abstract representations of what is presented as surreal.


Portuguese Designer and Creative Director Adérito Soares is also founder of DRAMA Studio


A designer who bases his approach and creative thinking on clearly conceptual perspective, giving a great emphasis to the meaning and the visual expression of the form.

"DRAMA is a platform of my own universe and for other voices that share the same philosophy. A playground for new possibilities. The craft process is crucial to my vision and creative message, in a chaotic and abstract design language.

My singular design visualizes and creates things that may not be conventional, resulting in random shapes. I reverse the usual method of conception, in the search for my utopia of significant pieces, which can give rise to distinct and not immediate interpretations, mutant objects that invade our space and transform it. The future is to create another way of thinking about how we can understand and live in our technological, post digital world".

The first intuition is never wrong.

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