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/ unifies the most daring voices and spirits who pursuit singularity   / a different way to place art in the world, where design doesn't praise functionality, but venerates irreverence   / a vision that embraces irregularity, uncertainty and unbalance, where design has no fear, limits or rules

Utopia 01
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Tiago P. de Carvalho / Guérrilha Films


Prototype Version


Limited Edition 8 + 1 AP


A non-color, which balances between the emptiness and the substance, the nothingness and the endless potential. Is a blank canvas. In it is present possibility, uncertainty, interpretation, the unfinished. It represents the space for new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts. It symbolizes the rebirth, the awakening, the moment of pause, the renewal of meaning between different moments of experiences, the closest feeling to the desired artistic freedom.

White Ego Sideboard - front mesh detail

White Edition is the expression of a new mentality, the starting point for a journey full of emotions, a blank canvas that is intended to be filled with new forms and memories


A state of ideal perfection, an imaginary

and indefinitely remote place

It refuses the ordinary, defies visionaries, feeds the imagination and has the power to hypnotize and transport us to another dimension. The Utopia collection is limited edition, and entirely manufactured in Portugal, in collaboration with October Gallery.


Utopia 02 Coffee Table finish detail view
Utopia 01 Sideboard drawer detail
Utopia 04 Console Table - finishes detail


Utopia 03 Armchair side view detail


Âncora Utopia



Portal Triptych Mirror doors detail

This is the link of expression and connection between DRAMA and other voices that either share the same creative philosophy or not, but who have in common the communication of a clear message that, above all, design is meaning, where the shape is the reflection of that thought and function plays a merely secondary role.​ The invitation is addressed to multi-disciplinary artists who express an interest in contributing to DRAMA's manifesto, presenting original concepts with a strong and significant component that can tell a story or convey a message, whether clear or abstract, but which are disruptive and bold.

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